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Add an SSIS (example) package?

May 18, 2009 at 2:03 PM

Maybe it's easier when u add an (sample) SSIS package which uses the script.

- Using an Foreach loop container;
- Data Flow Task in the container opening the log file and executing the script.

An package example using another script.

I downloaded it from above and adjused it:

removed the csCookie field
inserted at in line 54 

fieldHeaders(fieldIndex).PropertyType.Equals(GetType(Date)) Then
  Dim aDate As Date
If (Date.TryParse(fields(fieldIndex), aDate)) Then
fieldHeaders(fieldIndex).SetValue(Output0Buffer, aDate, Nothing)
End If

 and replaced the OLEDB destination with an SQL Server Destination.

on my local machine (duo core pentium with 3GB memory) it took around 5 minutes to load 7.7 milion records